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Featured Capabilities Revolutionary Capacitive Keypads Using HSS Technology
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Incredible Response Time: Typically responding in 160 microseconds. Providing a crisp, definitive response to the user’s lightest touch. • • • • • • • • Read more • • •

MaxCap Touch for Membrane Switches offers a fundamental departure from traditional electric field & touch sensing technology.

MaxCap Touch can be used in similar ways as “Capacitive-Plus” and Field-Effect™ touch systems, however it does not rely on predetermined threshold values. MaxCap Touch, using HSS technolgy, measures the “actual” touch event and therefore provides fast touch response – perfect for integrating touch systems with haptics feedback.

MaxCap Touch can be used in single touch cell designs as well as touch screen applications.

PCBCollageTechnology That Gives Your Design “Stand Out” Performance

MaxCap Touch’s revolutionary electric field sensing technology does not require software to detect a touch or other stimulus.

• Provides design team with maximum number of options.
• Increase system performance and reduce inconsistencies.
• Easily affordable and integrable into existing designs.

Low Current Requirements: Sensors typically draw only 16 micro-amps at idle, compared to the 600 micro-amps to 25 milliamps required by traditional capacitive approaches. • • • • • • Read more • • •

Adjustable Sensitivity: Sensitivity levels can be fine-tuned for many different specific applications. • • • Read more • • •